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WFN Insurance Companies and Collectives

• Tender for your funeral services or transfers on our platform.

• Obtain the best price for the service.

• Access our database of 60,000 funeral businesses in 194 countries.

• Segmentation by quality and excellence criteria (ISO, UNE, NPS).

• Get information on the traceability of the contracted service.


• Access the information of tenders that take place anywhere in the world.

• System of alerts in your cell phone or email, of tenders, bids or other relevant information that you consider.

• Premium Access to the Wfuneralnews international monthly funeral magazine.

• Receive personalised support from out team.

Pay us only for what has been contracted.


of the price awarded in the final tender.

You pay the contracted service directly to the funeral business.

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Stories of business transformation

Pablo Gasalla

“Most sectors are transforming themselves due to technology and data, and the funeral sector is not going to be the exception. Wfuneralnet launches its platform to improve the relationship of funeral agents and insurance companies, with unprecedented added value for the funeral sector.”

Pablo Gasalla  Experts in digital businesses and ecosystems.

Pedro Trucharte

“I believe the wfuneralnet digital business model will make you a very relevant player due to the innovations it contributes to the market and consumers, its tender algorithm and it innovative traceability management, are two examples of change in a sector which hasn't provided a value contribution for many years.”

Pedro Trucharte  Experts in startups and Business Angels

Leo Britto

“Pension funds and pension fund beneficiaries demand the best quality funeral care services and repatriations to different countries in Europe. Wfuneralnet guarantees peace of mind in the sensitive management of a death, timely information and excellence.”

Leo Britto  Chief Legal Counsel of A.N. European

Improve your business with our platform for funeral homes and insurance companies

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